Missing Classmates

"My friends are little lamps to me,
Their radiance warms and cheers my ways. 
And all my paythway dark and lone
Is brightened by their rays.
I try to keep them bright by faith,
And never let them dim with doubt,
For every time I lose a friend
A little lamp goes out."
Elizabeth Wittemore



Patty Lynne Armstrong
Margaret Bassinger (Carter)
Marion May Crawford
John E. Duran
David M. Hogan
Margaret Ann Kross
Clara Nell Mealer (Knode)
Ralph Leon Oliver, Jr.
Eddie Lee Parker
"Ruthie" Faye Price (Holcomb)
Louis O. Reyna
Mary Magdalena Sanchez
Susie C. Sanchez
James Edward Sassin
Sandra Shepherd
Jerry Tylich, Jr.
Rosa Villarreal
Kenneth "Kenny" Sallee Williams
William "Billy" Chris Wilson