"Rick" Remmel William Henry, Jr Jr

Profile Updated: July 4, 2012
Residing In: Temple, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Deb
Occupation: Retired D.D.S., work part time
Children: 2 girls, one 30, and the younger 26. Our youngest, Katy, suffers from systemic lupus,,for 17 years, More…since she was stricken with severe autoimmune antibody reactions that still require constant vigilance with 3 specialists, but never any remission, even with the dreaded constant prednisone therapy plus immunosuppressant in large doses. The situation is grim for any long term hope of survival , with significant kidney disease and many abnormal immune reactions. She is now disabled, has no friends left, as most have married or gone to the four winds. So she lives at home with her also sick mother and me as their only caretaker. It's not a good life, but we do the best we can. I always tell myself everybody has something, but Lupus goes far too unrecognized by 90% of the public as to just how serious, and debilitating and eventually fatal a severe case can be. It varies from patient to patient, but this is very serious. I can only ask whoever might read this to pray for our Katy, as this has been a very rough 17 years, and her prognosis for many more years is not good.
Military Service: Air Force  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Too long a story to tell, and I'm sure the same for all of you. I barely remember much,,senility ya know,haha. Anyway, we've lived in Temple for the past 40 years, and the rest is history.

School Story:

I look back on high school with a lot of fondness, but short on memory.

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